Plus Plastik ve Metal San. Tic. A.Ş.
Plus Plastic and Metal Industries Co. is a company which operates in mould, plastic and stainless steel and microfiber mop production in Turkey serving to different industries since 2007. We serve mainly to automotive, white goods, cleaning and plastic housewares industry. We are prout of being among the few companies in Turkey and the World which has integrated production facilities starting from moulding till to the final plastic or metal product.

We act as a “solution center” for all the needs of our clients since we have the necessary machines with state-of-art technologies as well as the experts like design engineers, mechanical engineers, local and international sales and marketing professionals and experienced labor.

We have the high technology CNC machines which can process the steels up to 4 meters. The injection machines in our injection factory can produce products upto 1300 tons. Our stainless steel tube production facility using the micro-plasm technology produces high quality tubes which can be used in different industries having a capacity more than 5 million meters in a year. Our microfiber mop production facility can produce up to 5 million pieces of microfiber mops in a year.

Our Mission :
To become a world brand in the manufacturing industry through closely following the scientific and technological developments with the reputable staff without sacrificing on ethical principles and understanding of respect and quality as well as through making differences in the industry with pioneer applications with understanding of service at international quality standards by manufacturing products which meet the ever-increasing needs of its customers, make life easier, focus on satisfaction of customers and employees, are easy-to-reach, preferable in the long term and reliable.

Our Vision :
To become a leader in the industry by introducing products which focus on humankind and permanent perfection and are reliable and convenient.
– Honesty
– Reliability
– Mutual love and respect
– Ethical behavior and team spirit
– 100% customer satisfaction
– Continuous struggle to achieve perfection
– Disciplined work to become a leader in the industry
– All our colleagues who constitute the presence of our company

To use measurement and improvement mechanisms focused on customer, supplier and employee satisfaction with managerial support based on national and international standards. Having supported development with continuous trainings, our company attaches great importance to quality policy in order to provide high quality service and to be adopted by employees.

Our Environmental Policy
To meet the requirements of relevant environmental legislation.
To work in order to continuously improve the environmental management system.
To minimize waste, to prevent pollution at its source and to reduce its adverse effects on the environment.
To protect the environment and to spread this principle to our entire environment, country and the world.
To identify and reduce the risks for environmental emergencies.
To improve employees and suppliers by providing environmental awareness trainings.

Main Objectives and Targets

To reduce and prevent air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise as much as possible.
To reduce waste, to make them recyclable and reusable.
To develop methods of protecting natural resources such as energy and water.
To ensure the efficient use of energy and materials.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Plus Plastik considers the human being as the most valuable entity in all its activities and adopts minimization of all kinds of possible losses as a primary business objective by creating a much safer and healthier working environment.

Plus Plastik regards the development of health and safety levels of its employees as a necessity of work efficiency. The system is periodically reviewed by application Occupational Health and Safety Management System and its continuous improvement is ensured by monitoring the performance.

For this purpose, its indefinite studies continue on following matters;
Occupational Safety and Health Policy:
In accordance with the value that our company gives to its employees and customers;
- Adopting a pro-active occupational safety approach,
- Periodic review of the dangers and risks of our activities,
- Supporting safe and healthy behaviors in the organizational culture,
- Developing and implementing effective management systems for determining, minimizing and managing health and safety risks in the workplace,
- Providing the necessary training and information for all employees to work safely and adequately,
- Taking necessary measures to reduce or eliminate accident and injury cases within the workplace,
- Providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees, trainees and visiting suppliers,
- Fulfilling requirements regarding employee health and safety in accordance with the national legislation and international standards.

Let Us Into Your Career
Plus Plastik Group carries on its studies throughout the year in order to recruit the right candidates in the right vacancies based on its goals and principles. The candidates who possess moral and ethical values are prioritized among those who have decided to work within our company, which is the leader of the sector.

You may send your applications via e-mail to

7/24 Support+90 212 485 1912

RecyclingWe are using suitable recycled materials in our production.

Expert EngineersWe provide 'solutions'

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